City Council



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Elected by citizens of Norwood to a 2-year term. Consists of 4 ward representatives, 3 at large representatives, and a President of Council/Vice Mayor.

Name Title Email Phone
Franzen, Emily Member At Large 513-458-4594
Hoover, Susan Member At Large 513-458-4594
Breadon, John Councilor, Ward 4 513-515-1361
Winterbauer, Candace Councilor, Ward 2 513-458-4594
Royse, Alexis Member at Large 513-458-4594
Kelsch, Chris Councilor, Ward 1 513-458-4594
Miracle, Ken President of Council 513-458-4594
Thompson, Eric Councilor, Ward 3 513-307-6318
Geers, Joseph Clerk of Council 513-458-4594
Grandusky, Lisa Council Secretary 513-458-4594