Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my water bill?

Norwood water bills can be paid in person, through the mail, or online.  

How do I obtain a building permit?

Building permits can be obtained from the Norwood Building Department.

How do I report a street pothole?

Please report service requests to SeeClickFix.

How do I open a small business in Norwood?

Visit Norwood Together, The Hamilton County Development Corporation (HCDC), Chamber of Commerce, and the Building Department for more information.

When will my trash be picked up?

For information on weekly trash collection, contact Norwood Public Works or Rumpke. For information about recycling, visit the Norwood Health Department page.

Where do I vote?

Visit the Hamilton County Board of Elections for more information. 

How do I contest a parking ticket?

Pay tickets here. Contact the Mayor's Court if you wish to contest.

Where do I dispose of yard waste?

Visit Rumpke for specifics on yard waste collection. The Norwood Public Works Department also offers a curbside leaf pick up service during the fall.